Unable to associate wall switches ZooZ Zen21 or Ge ZW4005

Both types of wall switches were functional in my old Zwave network using Vera Plus.

I dissociated the Zooz. The Ge has never been associated with any system. I do have a few in my Vera Plus system though. For your information, I am trying to finalize the transfer of these wall switches to decommission the Vera Plus.

I have not been able to associate any of the 2 models with HA.

My configuration:

  • Z-wave JS 0.1.45
  • HA core-2021.10.1
  • Sigma Designs HUSBZB-1 (firmware 4.32)

Can any of you help me. Thank you very much in advance.

And I tried all three connection strategies:

Choose strategy

Secure if possible

Requires user interaction during inclusion. Fast and secure with S2 when supported. Fallback to legacy S0 or no encryption when necessary.

Legacy Secure

Uses the older S0 security that is secure, but slow due to a lot of overhead. Allows securely including S2 capable devices which fail to be included with S2.


Do not use encryption.

I found the solution, after a night of sleep.

I excluded the 2 switches and reassociated them afterwards

It works. I don’t understand why.

Can someone explain it to me?

Thank you for your help!

Sometime the exclude does not take on the first time and you have to factory reset the device. Especially with GE. It could also that you lost a mesh node and and both didn’t reset.

Thank you @AllHailJ