Unable to Boot HAOS in VM

I am running HA on a VM under Windows 10. Things were working great and BAM! not more booting. I am left at the Autoboot prompt. I cant seem to locate the logs on why it wont boot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note… I did determine that I can attempt a boot by selecting the “j” key. It tries to boot, but I see an error fly by and then the Autoboot prompt appears.


I used my cell phone to capture the message flying by before the Autoboot prompt. It says “Cannot read MBR/partition table” Not sure why things went south, but I suspect the VM is toast. Are there ways of extracting the config files from the vdi?

Hyper-V, VirtualBox, etc?

Virtual Box…

@ddanley did you ever resolve this?

The same thing happened to me today - Windows 11, VirtualBox VM, things have been working fine for ~1 month and then today nothing was working. I see the “Autoboot” cursor and don’t really know where to go from here.

I doubt this is the cause, but I attempted to upgrade VirtualBox (and tools) to 6.1.32 yesterday and ran into quite a few problems starting HA. Bottom line, I could not get the HA VM to start or if it did start, would not run.

Most of the time it would get “stuck” at “waiting for the home assistant CLI to be ready…”

I’m not sure if upgrading VB (and tools), requires a recreation of the VM, but I may try that in the future.

Rolled both VB and Tools back to prev. version and booted just fine.

I did take a screen shot of one of the more “successful” reboots.