Unable to change config within add on

Hi all,

after upgrading to HA 0.90 and updating duckdns to 1.6 i got the following message:

INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
ERROR: Lock file ‘/data/workdir/lock’ present, aborting.

searching for a solution i found out that re-installing duckns should do the trick but after re-installing
i’m unable to change the settings in the config within the add on.

when i try to change the config (insert my token, for example), the config jumps back to it’s default setting (null) before i can save it.

i re-installed duckdns and restarted HA, with no luck
any ideas?

I think someone reported they have 3 seconds before it jumps back. I think a fix is coming…
Perhaps cut/paste to notepad, make the changes and then cut/paste back quickly and save?