Unable to compile and flash any ESP8266, ESP32

Hello, I get this following message

when I try to compile and download the yaml code into the 5 different ESPs = ESP WROOM 32, Node MCU ESP C3 32S kit, ESP32 DEV KIT V1, ESP8286 Huuzzah Feather, ESP 8266 D1 mini ESP12F.

My HA configuration on a RPI3B+
HA version

The serial port works fine … i.e. ESPs are detected… but I CANNOT compile/download the yaml file into the different ESPs…

What could be the causes ? I tried to manually use ESPHOME without HA, but I failed also after pip install platformio and pip install esphome ; and then esphome run file.yaml

How can I upgrade Platformio Core 6 ?

Thanks in advance for your advices.

Have you tried compiling a bin file to local? What is your YAML?

Hereafter is the code

name: bme

friendly_name: BME


board: d1_mini_lite

Enable logging


Enable Home Assistant API



key: "KsdGvfddnVhUcpYPuFf+C68XMuPUXgBj43frI7yr5OE="


password: “8f79ccdbce7f159bcafeb69e4944ce73”


ssid: !secret wifi_ssid

password: !secret wifi_password

Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails


ssid: "Bme Fallback Hotspot"

password: "a42sLEmpkYiH"


Serveur web


port: 80

What do you mean by “Have you tried compiling a bin file to local?”

Please use code tags when you post your code.

Creates file that does not need the ESP Node to be attached. It creates a file which is .bin. It is merely to show you can compile

I tried these 2 modes manual download
but I still have same ERROR message . Sorry

Possibly ran out RAM. How much do you have?

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You try compiling on a Raspberry with only 1GB of RAM an HA kills esphome to don’t crash the OS? :thinking:

Running ESPHome on lower powered machines

People have noticed that trying to compile their projects on machine such as the Raspberry Pi 3 would crash either the whole machine or the ESPHome add-on, or Home Assistant. This is due to having less RAM and CPU power available to run all of the things at the same time. A new config option has been added as per the example below that should help to allow compiling on machines such as Raspberry Pi 3. By default ESPHome tries to compile using all of the processor cores, and this allows you to limit it to a lower amount.

  compile_process_limit: 1

I tried with “compile_process_limit: 1”, but still same error message.

ESPHome worked fine on my computer and RPIB+ last year ; I was able to compile and download on ESP 8266 and ESP32 !

I would try to remove ESPHome, and then to reinstall it… do you have any advices for this ; I have to download before the yaml files that are working fine.

So does it still work on your computer as of today? And the RPIB+ you call your own is which version with how much RAM? :thinking:

Looks like you had more free RAM back in the days :man_shrugging:

No, just go ahead uninstall & reinstall. :arrows_counterclockwise:

Backup, Backup, Backup for everything that is of value to you :wink:

Hello I followed this video How to use ESPHome without Home Assistant look at 11:10 but compilation failed and I got this message “Platform Manager: Installing platformio/espressif8266 @ 3.2.0 Error: Please upgrade to the PlatformIO Core 6”

Question : how do I have to upgrade PlatformIO Core 6 on my computer ?

Before uninstall/reinstall, I tried again Manual Download from ESPHome in HA, but I got also similar error

Hello, I have uninstalled ESPHOME, then reinstall… but still same error when trying to compile :hot_face:


NO unfortunately, I did serveral trials after recharging ESPHome, but still same error. I am looking how I can upgrade platformIO core6 ?

Why aren’t you answering the questions you are asked to help you, but do cross post in two other topics?

Answer how many RAM you have on your Pi, and then likely get the answer, that it doesn’t work on your device. ESPHome uses a lot of ressources to compile, and if your Pi isn’t powerful enough, it is what it is… :wink:

Btw. you don’t upgrade things like this, ESPHome does this for you. If you need to change it, you need to download ESPHome, make your changes and compile it yourself. I wouldn’t advise to do so, but if you want to, there is a guide on the ESPHome website. :slight_smile: But in the end, it’s likely that this won’t help at all, as the Pi still is not powerful enough… :slight_smile:

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