Unable to complete August lock Integration in Docker

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I’m attempting to follow the instructions in https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/august/ to add an integration with home assistant running in a docker container to my august lock. I’m new to this having installed HA for the first time yesterday and trying to get it talking to my various devices.

I’m not using the HASSIO version but instead I’m running the generic HA docker image and editing the yaml files directly.

I added the august integration with the user and password using the email option and I received an email with a passcode. HOWEVER, I don’t know what to do with said passcode. The docs say that the configurator will pop up and ask for the passcode. How does this work with docker? Is there an alternative way of giving HA the code?


You should get a notification in HA (bottom right corner) advising you to input your pass code upon HA reboot. Once that’s done and code is correct, August should come up as an entity in your HA entities list.