Unable to complete initial login with v2.0

Upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0 via App Store. I get this error and after tapping “ok” I’m now stuck on the following screen at the “Sensors Configured” stage. Only resource is to kill the app and then I try the login procedure again, get logged in, and back to this screen and message.

Home Assistant 0.90.2.
iOS 13.2.3


The minimum version the app will work is HA 0.92.2 but you should probably update to something much more recent.


I upgraded to home assistant:latest and all is well. Silly of me to not have tried that first. If there was a minimum HA version specified in the Companion release notes, I missed it.

Robbie – This is truly an amazing update. Thank you for the 300 hours and your ongoing efforts to make this app awesome. My patreon $$ is well spent!