Unable to config IKEA TRADFRI

Hi all,

I am using deConz conbee2 usb as my Zigbee coordinator/gateway.
I recently got 1 IKEA TRADFRI remote N2 and 1 IKEA TRADFRI e27 colour bulb.
I am using ZHU in homeassistant to control all my zigbee devices. I managed to add both devices but I cannot control any.

what do I miss?


any feedback?
do I really need to buy a gateway?
Please tell me I don’t :slight_smile:

I have about 60 IKEA lights connected to my conbee 2 USB adapter and controlled by ZHA. I’m afraid I’m not sure what the issue on your end is, but I suggest you try re-adding the light and it should show up as usable again.

I will re add all again. Do I need a custom blueprint?
I don’t have a gateway btw.

Can you share how do you see them in zhu?

They show up the same way as you are showing them, but they only show up as unavailable if the power to them is turned off or if they have lost the connection. A blueprint is just a way to control the device via a script, so you don’t need that to turn the light on/off, and if you connected to the USB controller you don’t need a gateway. (HA is your gateway.)

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I will scan them again and see how this works.
the conbee2 is 3-5m away from the remote and the bulb. however i don’t think this is a problem.
thanks for your answer