Unable to configure Imou Camera Bullet 2C with ONVIF

Hi, I’ve problems to configure this camera in HA https://www.imoulife.com/product/detail/Bullet2C is supposed to be ONVIF compliant but the HA integration cannot detect, and fails with “Unknown error occurred”. in the wizard I set the camera ip in “host”, and port 554. How can I debug this?

I can view camera feed with VLC with this url rtsp://USER:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&unicast=true&proto=Onvif


Hi I have the same issue but I can’t see image on VLC. What is the user and pass that you used?

For the HA integration I’ve read that this camera is h265 while only h264 is supported. You have to change compression using dahua toolbox.

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the user is “admin” the password is written on the camera as “backup code”, i think you can change it from app

A good software to use the camera is also https://www.ispyconnect.com/ but I’m always seeking an easy way to integrate in HA

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you re lucky. but I am not… how can you connect in PC using default ip nothing happens with my browser using IE or else, but in CMD ping it replay time=5ms.
of course, my bullet 2C work fine and online to be viewed in my Smartphone.
I want record it in my NVR. how to change IP using LAN connectio?. help me…

if you want to change IP the setting is in your router (every router is different, assign the ip you want to the mac address of the camera),

you can view the video feed with VLC with “open network stream” rtsp://USER:PASS@YOURIP:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&unicast=true&proto=Onvif the user is “admin” the password is written on the camera as “backup code”


mr.wergio. in Wireless imou cam run n work well, I can set ip by assign it’'s MAC addr in my router. I can record it in my NVR (using Silicon NVR but it worst at it’s sound), but when I plug LAN cable (same segment with WLAN) it can not connected even green LED (not blinking) shows work normal, no ip detected. but when I reset imou to default I found IP in LAN cable and ping it well, but can not open in browser. All I want is connect it to NVR(my network) via it’s LAN cable. and my problem is I can not connect my imou via LAN cable and still can not see setting menu in browser even in wireless/WLAN.
so how does your experience?


Did ju figure out what the still_image_url should be set to for these Imou cameras?



I am trying to connect the IMOU Bullet 2C camera to my NVR. There’s no instructions on how to do it. Any one managed to do it.


Hello all,
I finally was able to configure it, by using port 80 instead of the proposed 5000.
Right now the new device is integrated into HA via Onvif.
I hope this can help someone.

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Great! I confirm now is detected in HA ver 2021.2.2 with default Onvif integration!
You must set port 80, the camera’s ip, and a working user/pass

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Please can you say me how to configure the camera on HA?
It will be very appreciated :slight_smile:
I’ve the same camera and I’d like to configure it
Manyt thanks!

it’s really easy: go in “integrations” add “onvif” (with settings specified above), and you have an entity for every profile set on the camera. then you can add the entity to the dashboard and you can see what the camera see.

Actually I get 2 entities for each camera. Both are video streams, however one is 16:9 format while the other one is 4:3.

I have now 2 cameras…
When I put the ONVIF integration I was only a dahua camera and everything has worked as you described.
After that I put in the network another camera (IMOU bullet 2C) but the HA doesn’t find it.
How can found and cofugure the new imou camera? (I can see with VLC, so it works)
Many thanks!!!

the fix is in the latest versions of HA so update and will work. Go to integrations clic the + icon ad select Onvif, use port 80 and user/pass as specified in previous post (the user is “admin” the password is written on the camera as “backup code”). HA will create an entity for every profile the camera has (2 on mine)

It works! Many thanks!!
How can manage the human detection? I didn’t find any entity, even the normal “cell motion”
Sorry if I’m stressing you :slight_smile:
Many thanks!!!

no problem :wink: but I don’t know how to set up sensors… none is created automatically for me. If anyone knows how to do it let us know…

If you use Onvif device manager https://sourceforge.net/projects/onvifdm/ you can see in “events” that motion sensing works on camera

Great, i got my cue-2c now also added with the same settings. The connection, i can see that in the icon, but the stream doenst, im on 2021.1.5, should i upgrade to 2021.2.x?

i cannot find the password, on the camera i have only a safety code but it doesnt work. EDIT my bad, it is case sensitive

in my imou bullet 2c the password was the “backup code” stamped on the camera, the user is admin, the pass is changeable in the app

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