Unable to connect Cloud API Integration in Home Assistant docker

Hello all,

Hope you can help me out with configuring my Home Assistant installation.

I’ve setup docker on my Raspberry Pi 4 2gb and installed Home Assistant (ghcr.io/home-assistant/raspberrypi4-homeassistant:stable). The installation works, but when I try to integrate Solar Edge (Cloud API), then HA states that it is unable to connect to the API.

HA is connected with the default bridge network of docker, and I only connected port 8123:8123.

When I login the container and ping google.com, then the container sends and receives packages. So my assumption is that the container is able to reach the internet.

First post, so hope you can give me some direction (or more information about my installation :slight_smile: .

I don’t have SolarEdge, but have you checked your API key is working/correct (I assume by logging into your cloud account).

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve checked the api key, this is correct.

I thought that there was no internet to the whole HA installation, because this is stated within the settings.

To further test internet connectivity, I’ve added the Buienradar integration (needs cloud connection, no API key). This integration works as I receive weather information.

The problem might be in the SolarEdge Integration?

you can raise an issue specific to this integration here:

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Resolved my issue by checking the internet connection of my SolarEdge installation. Discovered that it was not connected to my local network resulting in not updating the SolarEdge platform/api.

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