Unable to connect - companion app


I have a problem with the companion app on my three iPhones.

Recently, when i try to open them i get those error messages :



I just need to close/reopen the app to successfully connect most of the time but what happen ?

My HA is exposed on internet with static direct ip, no vpn or proxy…


“Did not receive auth message within 10 seconds” is a good place to start looking. These forums would be the ideal place to search, otherwise, see what google brings up.

Maybe provide more info regarding your installation, like whether you have external access enabled, or whether your iPhones are set up to turn off wifi/data when locked?

Thanks for your answer.
I just update the app to lastest version with this changelog : “Improve websocket connection performance”.
Maybe it was just that.

You write ‘recently’ so it worked before? Has the certificate possibly expired?

Could be. After I replied to you I realised there had just been a release to fix connection issues.
I was under the impression that this fix was for older Android phones though, but tbh I didn’t spend much time reading up on it.

Glad you got it sorted now.

Yes ! For years ! And i know HA devs like to break everything with there updates haha.

I hope this will solve my problem, I updated my phones and will see if those messages appear again. :crossed_fingers:

OK,well… I am using the tesflight approach on iPhone so I get the dev-versions ahead of formal roll-out. I have had no connection issues ever, except (!) when certificates started to bug :slight_smile: