Unable to connect directly to ip:8123

This has come up recently. Ive been using cloudflared for over the last 2-3 years with no issues. I can access homeassistant thru the cloudflared tunnel with no problem. The issue is that I can not navitate to http://lan-ip:8123

You might wonder why that matters since it is accessible from the public facing cloudflared tunnel… well that leads to the problem and how i found out its not working. I use the konnected.io board to send door state to cloudflared. It sends the data via api to homeassistant lan-ip:8123.

I have integration such as auto lock the front door if it changes from open to close. This function stopped working about 3 weeks ago now. In troubleshooting, ive power cycled, rolled back updates to before the outage started. No success.

I am all ears on suggested ideas. I see that there were others with antivirus on their computer that were blocking it. That is not the case as I am trying from my cell phone.

While sitting on the same network as home assistant, I can not even ping the RPi running home assistant.

Any thoughts?

Anything in the HA logs or the mobile app logs?

Feels like a local network/router configuration issue.

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segmented/private WiFi network?

My best guess is that the IP address has changed :thinking:


That is actually an excellent guess! :+1: