Unable to connect i.e. sensors to the CC2530+CC2591 (beginner question)

Hi All,

I’ve also posted this question on Github but haven’t had reactions yet unfortunately. So I thought I´d post it here to.


Hi everyone,

(please bear in mind, I’m pretty new to this)

A couple of weeks ago I setup my HA server on a RPi4+SSD. It’s a great learning experience being able to slowly start automating stuff around the house (mostly just for fun).

One of the things I did was to add a ZigBee CC2531 USB stick so I could use Zigbee2mqtt and don’t have to rely on branded products. As my quest for automating stuff is growing, so is the need for extra
‘range’ for zigbee sensors. Therefore, I bought the CC2530+CC2591 module and flashed it with “router-cc2530-cc2591-std.hex” firmware. Flashing seems to have gone successfully.

Now here’s what I don’t understand: I can see the CC2530+CC2591 in the device list in Zigbee2mqtt and it shows up in the ‘map’ diagram, but how can I connect stuff to the router? It doesn’t seem to work. For example; I would like to connect a (Lidl) door sensor but no matter what I do (resetting, rebooting, re-paring) it will not connect tot the CC2530+CC2591.

Am I missing something? Is the CC2530+CC2591 not the right product?

Any help is appreciated.



Pair the device to you coordinator, the move it to it‘s final location. The mesh will reorganize after a few minutes.

PS: instead of using dedicated routing devices, use devices powered by mains. Almost every device on mains (sockets, bulbs) act also as routing device.

Hi Christoph,

thanks for your answer! It’s been about twee weeks since I added the cc2530+cc2591 but it hasn’t been ‘reorganized’. At least, that’s what I think looking at this map:

In red is the window-sensor that I would like to connect.

Unfortunately, you can’t force a Zigbee device to connect to a certain route, Zigbee devices choose their own route. The only thing you can try is to pair the device close to the router, but that is no guarantee.

Could it be that I used the wrong firmware perhaps?

I bought the CC2530+CC2591 module and flashed it with “router-cc2530-cc2591-std.hex” firmware.

Hey @Raymond3490578 could you share a link to how you flashed this device? I just purchased one of these and need to flash it. Thanks.