Unable to connect to HA via Cloudflare without visit /auth/token

I followed this guide to setup google assistant access via Cloudflare.

Instead of creating one application in Cloudflare, I created 3 to following URLs.


The first one that only I can access with Google login.
The second one can I access with Google login but also Google by from specific IPs according to the guide.
The third one can only Google access from specific IPs according to the guide.

Google assistant is working and if I want access I can login via Cloudflare to / but after logged in to HA I just get a Unable to connect to Home Assistant message with countdown.

If I visit /auth/token and then go back I will be logged in to HA.

The opposite is also possible. I login to /auth/token and get a error 404. I can then visit / and login and it works.

So my /auth/token have two policies in Cloudflare. One bypass for Google assistant and one regular for Google login.

Any suggestions?

Hey, I have same issue. Have you got to resolve it?

Still same problem…