Unable to connect to Home Assistant after router reset

Hello. I got a weird behaviour after my router reset. I could not connect to Home Assistant locally (https:192.168…:8123) - I was getting Home Assistant logo and “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” after I logged in. I tried to open Home Assistant in incognito but got the same thing.
Unfortunately, I was not at home when router was reseted and I am not 100% sure what else could go wrong. Could you suggest how can I troubleshoot this case? I do not have samba installed so I can not get to the log file…

Does HA have a fixed IP ? If not, possibly the IP address has changed.

It changed, I found it in router settings, made static and then opened it. I can get to Home Assistant login page, I can log into it and then I get “unable to connect” message with Home Assistant logo on top

Try clearing your browser’s cache, or using incognito/private mode in the browser.