Unable to connect to Home Assistant after two week holiday

Two weeks ago I had everything working perfectly. Now, after returning from a two week holiday, I can no longer access Home Assistant. I get the loading data screen and then “Unable to connect to Home Assistant”.
All the automations are still working correctly, I have a couple of lights that go on and off and a text weather notice that gets sent to my phone every evening.
I’ve been using DuckDNS for a month after trying Nabu Casa and not getting on with it. (It looks like the problem I had is with my phone, not Nabu Casa). I wondered if Nabu Casa has done something to the settings once the month trial finished.
I use the Home Assistant app on my tablet and smartphone but mostly accessing it through my laptop. They were all working two weeks ago and now none of them will connect.
Any ideas (simple ones, I’m still at the steep bit on the learning curve).

This guide is worth working through.

Likely causes include:

  1. The LAN IP of your Home Assistant host changed because you’re not using a static DHCP lease
  2. Your WAN IP changed, and your DuckDNS software hasn’t updated it

Thank you so much for your reply, as I mentioned, I am at the really steep part in my Home Assistant voyage.
I had already set the LAN IP address as static, one of the Youtube videos showed me how.
The WAN IP has changed. In Google I asked “what is my IP address” and pasted the answer into DuckDNS and pressed update. Voila, I’m in.

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Next step is to investigate why it didn’t auto-update. The logs from your DuckDNS add-on, or however else you update it, should tell you.

Unless you’re not running something to do that of course :smiley:

Start on boot is (was) disabled for DuckDNS. There are no logs either so I’m hoping that was what caused the problem.
Now that I’ve started DuckDNS and waited 5 minutes I now have something in the log :smiley:
You don’t know how relieved I am that everything is now working as it should. Thank you.