Unable to connect to Home Assistant - please help


I would like to ask you for help with my problem.
It’s just that I can’t connect to the Home Assistant out of nowhere.
I use RPi 4B. LAN connection. I banned Wi-Fi some time ago.
When I look at the list of devices connected to my network, Home Assistant is missing.
When I try to connect the LAN cable for Home Assistant to the laptop, the internet works normally.
The LAN port on the RPi behaves so that the green LED flashes and the orange one is constantly lit.
I also disconnected from the electricity for a while.
I use HA only on the local network.

in the address bar have you tryed http://homeassistant.local:8123/

or Plug a montor into it just to see the to the IPaddress

Unfortunately, this link also doesn’t work.
Should I connect the monitor via HDMI to the RPi and find out the IP address?

Yes to the HDMI

DONT click the link wanted you to type it in

Home assistant requires an internet connection for the first boot.

Thanks for the answers.
In the end, I performed a clean installation of HA on another memory card and then restored from the last backup and everything works.
The entire database with all the measured data from the sensors was even well restored.