Unable to connect to UI on RPi3

I’m a newbie with Home Assistant OS 9.5 installed on RPi3. Sometimes I can’t connect it via browser UI, mobile app, and SSH. But I’m able to connect to AppDaemon 5050 port. Also, when this happens, the green LED on RPi just lights still. I have to reboot almost every day. Can anybody help me?

green led blinking (activity) or full on?
if latter, the device is probably overloaded and unresponsive.
as you cant connect, log files would be hard to retrieve. I would start using the systemmonitor integration so you have some history trace of resource usage, even when rebooted.
Any other addons you installed? or custom components?

After you successfully reboot look at the rotated log.

Stays full-on. No blinking. I have some add-ons installed: ESPHome, Node-Red, MariaDB, phpMyAdmin, Terminal&SSH, RPi Temp Monitor, and AppDaemon(usually not running). I have a custom component for my TP-Link Tapo Smart Bulb but this problem started before I installed this. Also installed some card add-ons for the dashboard.

By the way, I saw that a new version of the OS is released. Maybe installing it will solve but I have to wait a few hours to install it. Also, I checked my logs but I couldn’t find anything noticeable.