Unable to control binary switches via Wink

Anybody have an idea why I would be unable to control any of my binary switches that I have paired to the Wink hub via HA? All of my other bulbs and dimmers work fine, but anything that was discovered and put under the group Switches doesn’t seem to function… It reports the correct state, and it appears its calling the turn_on service (or off), but never actually does anything… Any ideas?

I also have this same issue. My Wink binary switches all report their correct status under HA; when I change a state in WInk, it will correctly change in HA. When I change the state in HA, nothing happens.

I am noticing the same behavior. Seems to be a relatively recent change since my binary switch worked without issue for the past month or so. Can’t say for sure if this is the result of 0.13.1 or a change on Wink’s end though.

I am having the same problem. I just installed Home-Assistant a couple of days ago and have had 0.13.1 the whole time. These switches are the only thing I cannot get to work in my setup. I am glad I found this thread… cause I thought it was me :slight_smile:

Dave H