Unable to create or duplicate script

I’m not sure since when it doesn’t work, I haven’t tried to add a new script for a long time, but today I wanted to duplicate a script, but when I duplicate and save it, it’s not in the list. Then I tried to create a completely new script and after it was successfully saved, it wasn’t in the script list as well. Is it just me or is there any problem with scripts in the current version?
I’m running it in the virtual machine, Home Assistant OS 8.1, Core 2022.6.4, Supervisor 2022.05.3

Ok I have checked scripts.yaml and all the scripts (duplicated and new) are there, so there is apparently some bug in the UI, as they are not listed among scripts in the configuration/automations/scripts, not even after HA restart.

also, when I add the script to scripts/my_scripts.yaml, it shows in the list of scripts (but can’t be edited through GUI, which is expected of course)

When you have lots of scripts (or automations) and you save one in the gui, it takes quite some time for all the scripts to reload. And even then I think search is not always up to date finding it immediately. But patience (which I lack :wink: ) usually solves it.

That’s not the case. I have only about 20 scripts and it doesn’t show up there, ever. It’s just in the scripts.yaml. Doesn’t show up after complete restart as well. So I’m not quite sure what’s wrong.

Ok, problem solved, as I said I haven’t been doing anything with scripts for ages and I had split up the scripts, some from UI and some loaded from scripts/my_scripts.yaml , which was somehow working before, but then it has changed and the currently working solution for this is here: Script editor and split up files - #29 by neilimixamo
Now everything works :slight_smile: