Unable to delete snapshot entry in Web UI after deleting it from CLI

Hi all, I am currently creating a automated backup process to my NAS. So I am using an automation to make a full snapshot and use shell script to move the snapshot to my NAS.
However, if I only delete the snap shot (<a hash>.tar) in /usr/share/hassio/backup, the entry will not be deleted in Web UI, and it will never be able to delete it unless I retouch a file with same name to backup folder.

I wish to make the process fully automated and as clean as possible, so is there a way to delete the Web UI entry automatically as well?

Thank you all.

Have you seen this?

Works for me. Did you do a refresh in the upper right corner, after deleting?

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Thanks for your info, I’ll check this.

Thanks @seanomat, I did not try that and it works.

Thank you. Only thought of force reloading the website but it didnt work.