Unable to Edit Scene - Entities Not Displayed in Companion App

I’m having an issue with the Android Companion App. When I go to create a new scene or edit an existing one, the selection of entities to include in the scene is not displayed. You can select devices, but there is nothing under the Device section.
I have tried clearing the app cache and also clearing the app data. Neither made a difference.
Home Assistant Edit Scene

I can work around this by accessing Home Assistant from my mobile browser (Chrome).

Here are the details of my environment:
Device: Pixel 7 PRO
Android Version: 14 Build UP1A.231105.003
Companion App Version: 2023.10.2-full

I assume android system webview is up to date? This looks to be a HA frontend issue as the app does not control these screens

Yeah, I have the Android System Website updating automatically.

All I know is that it works fine in the browser including the Chrome Mobile Browser, but not in the companion app.

I suspect it’s a piece of css that is not fully supported in the companion app.