Unable to find the config.yaml file

Hi Folks,

I have setup my raspberry pi with several sensors connected to HA and everything works fine.

If I use WinSCP on my laptop, I can connect to the raspberryPi on my home wifi and find the configuration.yaml file at /home/hass/.homeassistant.

However, I have recently moved the whole setup to a remote site so the raspberry pi is no longer in my home network and I cant use WinSCP.

I am trying to use teamviewer to login into the raspberry pi, but I am unable to find the config file at that path. The path /home/hass is empty although I’m certain that the .homeassistant directory is inside.

HA is still running though.

So how do i see my config file?

The leading dot means it’s a hidden file.

If you “ls -a” it’ll list all files in the /hass directory, including hidden ones.

When you “moved” your setup, did you just physically move the existing Pi or did you reinstall/install on another Pi at another site?

I ask because the paths in the AIO installer changed after Dec 2016. This is noted in the docs.