Unable to flash old numbering esphome 1.13.6

docker run --net=host --rm -v “${PWD}”:/config -it esphome/esphome:2021.9.1 run ESP5.yaml

thats works fine


docker run --net=host --rm -v “${PWD}”:/config -it esphome/esphome:1.13.6 run ESP5.yaml

fails with

usage: esphome [-h] [-v] [-q]

esphome: error: argument command: invalid choice: ‘ESP5.yaml’ (choose from ‘config’, ‘compile’, ‘upload’, ‘logs’, ‘run’, ‘clean-mqtt’, ‘wizard’, ‘mqtt-fingerprint’, ‘version’, ‘clean’, ‘dashboard’, ‘vscode’)

1.20.4 works, even tho it had to pull from docker

docker run --net=host --rm -v “${PWD}”:/config -it “esphome/esphome:1.20.4” run ESP5.yaml

Any particular reason you want to create insecure devices? For example this vulnerability was only fixed in 1.15 :boom:

Do you search for a (particular?) regression or why not using the latest and greatest version available? :thinking:

The bug with transitions
and light brightness

I do have a separate VLAN and SSID/Password for these devices, with Pfsense managing firewall rules, but understand this can only help so much.

Found it,
The older versions you had to put run at the end of the command.

docker run --net=host --rm -v “${PWD}”:/config -it esphome/esphome:1.13.6 ESP5.yaml run

now just need to find that ip address that needs to be added to the host file to stop it thinking it’s offline.