Unable to get dashboard navigation with AppDaemon dash_navigate to work

I am trying to navigate to a dashboard on an event. Although I think I’m sending the command correctly, nothing is happening. Could someone troubleshoot as to what I’m doing wrong? Am I missing something obvious or need to enable some other setting or install another package?

  • I have my Android Home Assistant App and a Chrome web browser on my laptop open to a dashboard named “Main” at url “/lovelace-main”
  • I am using AppDaemon to send the following commands. The target dashboard is named test at url ‘/test-dashboard’. None of the following commands cause any change in the Android app or Chrome browser. I’ve verified with app daemon logs that I’m actually triggering that code to run.

I’ve also tried a script in the UI with similar variations.

event: hadashboard
  command: navigate
  target: test

This is using a new installation of Home Assistant 2022.2.9 and the built-in Lovelace.

Ah, I see what I was missing. This only works with the dashboards built into AppDaemon. I was hoping to get this to work with the built-in Lovelace dashboards in Home Assistant. The descriptions of HADashboard talk about “beautiful and functional” but the examples all look about as beautiful as a dead grizzly.

I see that this is possible with: https://github.com/thomasloven/lovelace-state-switch