Unable to get description url for WeMo

I’m getting this error when Hassio loads the Wemo component. I think it might be related to Pi-Hole as I just installed it and did not have this problem before. Does anyone know the do if there’s a domain I should be whitelisting for this to work properly?

Unable to get description url for WeMo at:

So i disabled pi-hole and still get the error.

Wemo is local so I doubt this is a DNS issue. It sounds like its failing downloading the XML file which uses to discover the device.

What does get you?

Thanks for the tip. It ended up being that my WeMo had lost access to my network.

I get this same response from time to time and not sure what it is. I have not seen any real solutions for this yet.

The antenna’s in the Wemo’s are tiny, and they are usually sub-optimally placed (e.g. behind stuff, or low down on the wall, etc). When I used to get this repeatedly, the Wemo would drop pings so it was a connectivity problem.

I’ve since increased the height of the access point, and moved some Wemo’s to better locations using extension cords. I might only get one of these messages every second day now.