Unable to get esphome loaded

Hi, very new to Home assistant…
I’m trying to add the integration esphome and failing at the 1st hurdle. I press on the button to upload the esphome integration and i’m immediately presented with a pop-up box to enter my “Host” for the esphome node. I’ve tried entering my hass ip address but that doesnt work and I do get an error saying
“Can’t connect to ESP. Please make sure your YAML file contains an ‘api:’ line.”
so I dug a bit further and added the file editor and did my 1st configuration.yaml edit and added a line with ‘api:’ (no quotes). I restarted hass but the error remains.

What am i doing wrong?

The api: line should be in your esphome code file yaml. Not the ha configuration.yaml file.

I just realised I am trying to use configuration-integrations when I have not yet installed the app

…I did say i was new to this…i feel really stoooooopid!

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No worries. Huge learning curve. :grinning: