Unable to get hassio tab on Web UI by running home assistant in python virtual environment

Need to run home assistant in a python virtual environment and autostart hassio while opening home assistant web UI.

Followed the given link to install home assistant

Executed the following command to find out my linux machine is using systemd to manage daemons:
$ ps -p 1 -o comm=

Opened hassio-supervisor.service and updated it with the following template:

Modified hass path as follows:
ExecStart=/home/ayushi/homeassistant/bin/hass -c “/home/ayushi/.homeassistant”

Opened hassio web UI by running the following command:
hass --open-ui
But unable to get hassio tab on web UI.

You are running homeassistant, not hassio.

You will not get, nor do you need, a hassio tab.


I want to run home assistant in virtual environment. Also I need to autostart hassio with it which is present in the location: /homeassistant/bin/hass

I received hass at this location automatically by installing home assistant in virtual environment.

This could take a long time…

You are running homeassistant in a virtual environment.

You are not running hassio.

The two are different things.

You cannot get a hassio tab in normal homeassistant, and you don’t need one.


We need hassio to control different devices because that cannot be done without having hassio so please let me know any way to get hassio tab .

I very much doubt that you need hassio, given that you have successfully installed homeassistant in a virtual environment without any hiccups.

I think what you need to do is a bit of research in to what homeassistant is, what hassio is, what the differences are and how to achieve what you want to do.


We can only call home assistant services now. But we want to configure other components in hassio configurator so that we call services of other components too.

Please let me know if there is any other difference between hassio and homeassistant as far as the services are concerned.

Is there any other way to get hassio also with home assistant in python virtual environment?

Hassio is only a way to install home assistant. Everything about home assistant itself is identical. I’m not sure why you keep wasting time trying to do things you can’t do…

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