Unable to get TTS working with any media_player device


I’m using 0.55.1 along with Amazon Polly to try and get TTS, however I cannot get any audio to output. I am trying to play to my Sonos devices.

*I believe the Amazon Polly part of it is all configured correctly and working, as the ./tts/ folder contains the caches MP3 files which when played, play the correct audio.

  • There is nothing reported in the homeassistant error log
  • I have base_url configured as base_url: https://<mydomain.co.uk>:8123
  • The Sonos app reports the correct filename, however pressing the play button does’t play the audio

Any help will be much appreciated.


If I access using the URL, it also works - for example :


Eventually solved the issue with help from this thread TTS setup problem

Turns out Commodo PositiveSSL is not one of the root certificates on the Sonos, so need to add the full chain to the certificate file.

You can download the root and intermediate certificates from here : https://support.comodo.com/index.php?/comodo/Knowledgebase/Article/View/620/0/which-is-root-which-is-intermediate

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