Unable to install Esphome Flasher


I’m trying to flash my wemos d1 mini with ESPHome on Hass. It failed with “Program Code 2”

I did a bit more reading and found the ESPHome Flasher method to flash the board.

I downloaded the “ESPHome-Flasher-1.1.0-windows-x64.exe” and tried to install it. But I get the message
“This app can’t run on you PC…”.

My guess is, that’s because i’m running a 32bit Win 10 OS and the set up file is 64bit. If that’s true, is there a 32bit setup file? If not then what can I do to flash my D1 mini?

Can someone please help?

Thank you


Turns out my usb cable was bad. After changing it I was able to flash my d1 mini. So, question about EspHome Flasher setup is kinda irrelevant for me.

May be there is someone out there who actually has this problem.


Hey, today i received my D1 Mini but i cant find info on esphome.io about this board to flash it.
Can anyone share his settings?
I will connect a DHT22 sensor but i see D1,D2,D3 pins and not GPIO as in the generic ESP8266 guide.