Unable to install Hassio on Pi Zero

Hi, I am trying to install HASS.io on a Pi zero but am unable to do so. I have followed the instructions that are mentioned on the website and am using the correct Pi Zero image (hassos_rpi0-w-2.8.img). There cant be anything wrong with the Pi as I am already successfully running Hassbian on another SD card on the same Pi. I waned to shift to HASS.io and so am trying to install this on another SD card (32 GB).
My pi boots up and starts all commands and then gets stuck at the below commands:
It took a couple of hours for it to progress from the line “udevd[7] starting version 3.2.5” to line “udevd[7] starting eudev 3.2.5”. It has been at the last line as in the image for the last 24 hrs.
The Pi successfully connects to my WiFi and is actively downloading data all through the time. I can see it downloading packets in my modem admin console but then its not moving ahead.

Can somebody point to me what could be wrong here? I have repeated this many times now.

The last time I tried to load hassio on my pi zero it took HOURS to download and and load up.