Unable to install latest Hass.oi on RPi3B+

Hi and thank you for any advice you can provide.

I downloaded the latest Hass image for Rpi 3B+ 32bit
formatted 32GB SD
Flash with balenaEtcher

I have put a “my-network” file on a separate CONFIG USB and I’ve also tried installing while on lan. Each time it hangs at a certain point on something to do with the USB optical mouse. It goes through many iterations of:
USB disconnect, device number ## (it keep incrementing with each iteration)
new low-speed USB device number ##+1 using dwc_otg
New USB device found, idVendor=05b8, idProduct=3280
New USB device string: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
Product: USB Optical Mouse
Manufacturer: PixArt
<… I killed this and started over after many iterations of this…>

I also tried installation without a mouse and it is going on 2 hours of installing … something is not right.
I’m not a skilled programmer but I can follow directions.
Thanks for any advice on what I might be doing wrong. Tom

Use an ethernet cable and connect to your router directly.

Why are you connecting a mouse? That serves no purpose. HA runs headless on the Pi and there is no GUI. What are you expecting by using a mouse?

Thanks David,

I’ve tried on ethernet cable also with the same results. I was hoping it was a connection issue.
I assume there’s some setup after installation that would be easiest directly on the RPi. Is HA only headless?

Yes, it’s headless. If you want to use a linux distribution with GUI, than I would recommend an installation in a docker enviroment.

Did this with Ubuntu 18.04.3 and docker. if you want to try it, just follow this instructions:

It’s working perfect and you are able to use other images in a docker container (Pi-hole for example). It is not important to use a Linux server, you can use the desktop version of Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution (Debian, Raspian, etc.) too.

Well thank you! That made a difference. I did not see in the guides that this was headless only.