Unable to install on new RPI3


Hey all! I’ve been running into issues while trying a new install of Home Assistant on a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ despite following the instructions to a ‘t’.

I’ve tried flashing both 32 and 64 bit images onto my SD card and put the following configuration into ‘/CONFIG/network/my-network’:



Uncomment below if your SSID is not broadcasted





I plugged a monitor in during the boot process and noticed the issue occurs right after the IP is assigned (using an ethernet connection). I keep getting ‘Failed to receive’ errors while the host tries to fetch the image file over the network.

I’ve tried modifying the network config to a basic ethernet configuration and removing the USB stick altogether. Any thoughts on what might be going wrong?


I am using the same. Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The first image i tried was the 32 Bit flavor (hassios_rpi3_32_1.13.img.gz). I also hooked up a monitor via HDMI, ethernet cable, keyboard, mouse, and “CONFIG” usb stick. I monitored the boot routine on the monitor and noticed that the boot sequence delivered an “ethernet not found:” error.

I then tried booting without the config stick, but with ethernet cable installed and it still returned “Ethernet not found”

I then Reimaged my SD card with 64 bit flavor (hassios_rpi3_64_1.13.img.gz)., and that worked.

Why would one flavor work and not the other? is there something in the 32 bit image that disables the networking?