Unable to install the ESPHome Docker panel

Hello. I can’t install the ESPHome dashboard in the play with docker service. I enter the command from the documentation docker run --rm --net-host -v "${PWD) ":/config -it ghcr.io/esphome/esphome and I get the error Unable to find image 'ghcr.io/esphome/esphome :latest' locally

I think I’m using the wrong link in the command, but I don’t know which one to use

I’m not sure why the “–rm” flag is in there. I can’t think of a reason for it but I’m far from an expert.

However here is the docker command I use to install ESPHome for use in my HA Container install:

sudo docker run -d --name="esphome" --restart=unless-stopped -p 6052:6052 -p 6123:6123 -e ESPHOME_DASHBOARD_USE_PING=true -v /home/finity/docker/esphome:/config esphome/esphome /config dashboard

Just change the config volume binding to where you want to save that data. IOW, change “/home/finity/docker/esphome” to where you want to save your config files for ESPHome.