Unable to link schlage camelot leave lock to home assistant via open zwave addon

I had to restart my setup after a few years. Using the config approach before I was able to connect it with a simple click of add secure node and putting the lock in inclusion mode.

Since flashing sd with latest version for raspberry pi 3, I was able to add all zwave devices except the lock. I see it adds the node but no sensors are created. It just has the lock with lock and unlock actions but they do not do anything. The lock also appears to not be included as the lock would show a light showing included in network.

I have tried excluding and including many times and same results. I have a network key set and clicking add node. The docs said it will attempt add secure node before adding normal node. Is that true? Is there anything else I can try? I can try to factory reset the lock but I want to avoid that until last resort since I would I have to add all user codes again.

From developer panel, try calling service ozw.add_node, with the payload: { “secure”: true, “instance_id”: id given in ozw configuration } Worth a try, from https://snapcraft.io/ozwdaemon.

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@Kdem … That worked. Thanks so much. I did not think to check the service calls.

For anyone having trouble with adding secure nodes with open zwave, follow the directions above from @Kdem.

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Great, please mark as solution to help others