Unable to load frontend but can't find the reason! 😥

Hi, Now I’m running 0.88 with Hassbian on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with lovelace via yaml file.
The home assistant log seems to be fine. No errors, some warnings but none related to bad code, actually everything was working before.
The only thing I remember is a power failure but after turning everything off HA started working again but not the frontend: Automations seemed to not be working, however google cloud and Alexa are working great via HA, so HA is working in the backend (but not automations??)
I have checked that my DB was really huge, I guess I should have limited the recorded days but now I have deleted it and its current file size is small again.
I’ve been using duckdns with SSL but the certificate is fine.
I don’t get it, please can anyone help me?? I need HA in my life!! :disappointed_relieved:
Thank you!!

I also got a strange behaviour since 0.88, but after hitting F5 in my browser several times, the frontend had loaded.
Try to access the frontend by IP in your home LAN…or etablish a SSH connection and tunnel and type in your browser
you could also use curl or wget in your SSH session to see if the frontend is avaiable from localhost…

It may sounds stupid, but did you try a different browser?
Also, do you have a reverse proxy or something? #nginx
What does netstat say?

Usually this is a simple browser cache issue. Ctrl-f5 in most browsers.

Thank you for your answers!! Somehow with the power failure I had my modem reset. As I have it connected to a google wifi mesh network I had to set it up again. The thing is that I don’t get why this resetting has happened. But now is working!! Thank you everyone who tried to help. You are the best!!:heart_eyes: