Unable to load schema error in configuration.Yaml

I’m new to home assistant. Only a few devices and automations.

Using Studio Code Server to view configuration.yaml and saw this message.

‘Configuration.yaml: Unable to load schema from ‘http://schemas.home-assistant.io/configuration’: No content. YAML(768) [Ln 3, Col 1]’

Below is whole configuration.yaml…
’ ’ ’

Loads default set of integrations. Do not remove.

default_config: Unable to load schema from ‘http://schemas.home-assistant.io/configuration’: No content. YAML(768) [Ln 3, Col 1]

Load frontend themes from the themes folder

frontend: themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

Text to speech

tts: - platform: google_translate

automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml
’ ’ ’

Not sure how to resolve.

further info.
Home Assistant 2023.4.6
Supervisor 2023.04.1
Operating System 10.1
Frontend 20230411.1 - latest


I’m also getting this error. It only started appearing after I updated to the latest Studio Code Server. My guess is it will be fixed in the next update. So far since nothing is actually broken HA works fine

Me too. However, checking the config doesnt reveal any problems. So let’s hope it’s only a cosmetic bug in Studio Code Server

I see the same issue with any of my packages. Hope it does go away with any of the next updates.

I´ve the same problem… Any news?

i am having the same error i checked all of it and seems like just cosmetic because nothing is broken in ha.
i hope it goes away in next update.

Lots of first time posters for this thread - I am also seeing the error after the recent Studio Code server update.

But if I go to Developer Tools -> YAML -> Check configuration, it’s happy:

Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting!

So I guess it’s just a bug that will be fixed in a future update (?)

I’m joining the crowd here also with this recently new error message. I use a separate config file for light groups. In the file I designate a platform: switch, which returns an error, “Unable to load schema from ‘http://schemas.home-assistant.io/integration-light’: No content.”

Reading other threads, it sounds like this is a bug in Studio Code Server. Everything seems to be working fine despite the error.

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Same here

Same problem here

It is just a warning that VisualStudio cannot find the info belonging to the entry, but there is nothing with the entry itself…
I think this ia work in progress :thinking:

Actually… the whole page http://schemas.home-assistant.io/configuration doesn’t exist ??

This appears to be a ‘bug’ introduced in the VS Code home assistant config checker plugin (that provides syntax checking of the HA YAML files and snippets to auto-fill when working in those files) with version 1.35.1.

If you’re using the plugin from your Home Assistant server (via the add-on) this plugin is auto-installed (bundled) within the add-on so the only work around is to restore the add-on from a backup (to an older version).

If you’ve installed the plugin into VS Code, you can downgrade to an earlier version as a work around.

Thanks @excalbian for summarizing the issue and what version it started appearing in. That gave me the information I needed to submit a fix which has now been merged and released.