Unable to load WebRTC stream

In my room I have a raspberry pi 4 always on displaying a homeassistant dashboard with a couple power graphs as well as 2 cameras cards. Whenever I reboot HA the camera cards say‘failed to m start webrtc stream’. But the minute I refresh the screen by hitting F5 in VNC both streams work fine. Is there any way to fix this so I don’t have to go into VNC every time?

You can use browser mod custom integration and refresh automatically in 60 seconds after startup. This is not a solution but just mitigation, sorry.

Anytg is better than being to open VNC every time and hitting F5. I took your advice and installed the browser mod via HACS. It has a refresh service call that works perfectly. My only issue is everything works until I reset GA then the mod disconnects from the pi. Any ideas?

What is GA?