Unable to locate BLE or iBeacon Configurations on Companion Apps

I am trying to set up iBeacon for my iphone companion apps so as to send iBeacon fingerprint to my test ESpresence sensors… According to documentations, i should be able to find this under App Configurations sub-menu. Any Idea what’s the issue ? My companion apps is configured with 2 servers, one is 2021.8.6, and the other is 2022.3.4. Both can’t see this under the App configurations sub-menu.

Attached please see screen shot of what i am presented -

Anyone out there can advice ? thanks

If I’m reading the Companion App docs correctly, only Android phones can transmit iBeacons.

The IOS app can read them.

This might be due to Apple iOS restrictions - they do not allow apps run broadcast as virtual beacons in the background to use iBeacons

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To clarify terminology, iPhone apps can scan for iBeacons when the app is in the background. But iPhone apps can not act as virtual iBeacons (ie broadcast as an iBeacon) when the app is in the background.