Unable to locate configuration.yaml on MAC

New user and fresh install on MAC I assume all went well for the instal as I can access the web-face and set my home coordinates. Automated discovery found one of MANY devices on my network. However I can not locate the configuration.yaml to save my life… Also seeing the following error.
Log Details (ERROR)
Unable to load /Users/Mike/.homeassistant/known_devices.yaml: Config file not found: /Users/Mike/.homeassistant/known_devices.yaml

Any help would be great…

I installed Home Assistant
0.59.2 indicating
Path to configuration.yaml: /Users/Mike/.homeassistant

I can locate folder “/Users/Mike/homeassistant” (“no dot” /homeassistant)


So I’m going to assume you are a REALY new user here. If what I’m telling you is obvious, please disregard.

files and folders that start with a dot (.homeassistant) are HIDDEN. By default, you can not see them in the finder. You’re better off using the terminal. The folder will still be hidden, but you can cd to it anyway like this:

cd /Users/Mike/.homeassistnat

If you still want to use the finder, you can open the hidden folder by choosing Go from the finder menu then choosing Go To Folder and then entering /Users/Mike/.homeassistant in the resulting dialog box.