Unable to Log-In via DNS

Hello, quite new to Homeassistant.
I’m trying to set up an Reverse Proxy with Nginx Proxy Manager and Cloudflare.
DNS is reachable but when i try to login i get this message on screen:

Unable to connect to Home Assistant.

Trying to log in via Smartphone gives me the same message on screen.

The logs telling me this:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from pxxxxxxx.t-ipconnect.de (84.xxx.xxx.122).

The log only mentions the login attempt from my webbrowser but not from my phone.

My Configuration.yaml looks something like that:

use_x_forwarded_for: true
- ← Proxy Manager

I got an SSL Certificate, Force SSL and HTTP/2 support in the Proxy Manager.

Maybe i’m overlooking something. Maybe someone can hint me the problem.

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I am with you, I have no clue of what is happening. At first I thought that i messed my configuration.yaml by not adding the cloudflare proxy ips, but now I have, and I get to the login page, but nothing works.

I think maybe encryption is doing some funny stuff with the password.


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Hey man,
don´t know if this is helping you but i found the solution to my problem.

In Nginx i selected “websocket support”, that fixed the problem for me.