Unable to log into mobile app - ssl handshake?

Everything was working fine today. I have been using the app without issue. Nabu casa as a remote server in the app.
Today I accidentally turned off location services on my phone, and home assistant immediately pushed an error about location services. I turned location services back on, but got a ssl handshake error when trying to open the app… I tried restarting phone, home assistant, router…nothing. uninstalled app, reinstalled, nothing.
had an interesting quirk where if i logged on via chrome (when at home) then the app would work kinda. but it stopped again.
and now Nabucasa gives an unable to fetch auth provider.
I can log in on my phone via chrome with the local address, and nabucasa (after refreshing it like 30 times)
My galaxy tablet is giving the same ssl error, as well as my partner’s iphone.
I am seeing a lot of new errors in the log too.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I see a few posts about ssl errors, but all those issues seem so specific to all the little tricks the individual does.

edit: this error keeps popping up in the logs:
Logger: hass_nabucasa.remote
Source: runner.py:189
First occurred: 5:47:18 PM (292 occurrences)
Last logged: 7:30:53 PM

  • Connection problem to snitun server (Challenge/Response error with SniTun server (0 bytes read on a total of 32 expected bytes))
  • Connection problem to snitun server (Can’t connect to SniTun server us-east-1-10.ui.nabu.casa:443 with: [Errno -3] Try again)

You’re paying for Nabu Casa, so you actually get a support contact: