Unable to Login - Cloudflare Tunnel

I’ve been successfully running remote access to Home Assistant via CF Tunnels for awhile. Oddly today, external access via CF Tunnels stopped working. I re-created CF Tunnel as a troubleshooting measure making sure the tunnel was successfully hitting the origin (HA Server). Double checked my configuration.yaml to make sure it includes

  use_x_forwarded_for: true
  ip_ban_enabled: true
  login_attempts_threshold: 5

The issue that I’m having is that I am able to get the login page of home assistant via my external domain, but when entering the login details and 2FA, the login fails with the auth callback.

Also error showing: Unable to fetch auth providers. Home Assistant

I’ve been searching, and haven’t seen anything related to a similar issue. Any ideas into the root cause - configuration issue with Cloudflare or auth issue in HA?

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