Unable to open HA from home network

Hi all. Please excuse my ignorance. I’m relatively new to HA and all this. I setup HA several months ago with the help of a friend. Both internally and externally I connect to HA via DuckDNS. It had been working fine up until a month or so ago. Now I cannot connect using my home network but I can connect when on cellular network or anything outside my home network. My ISP is Xfinity and I am still using their Xfi Complete equipment. From reading other posts, it sounds like this may be a NAT loopback issue and I did confirm with Xfinity that their equipment does not support NAT loopback but then that doesn’t explain how it did work and now all the sudden doesn’t. Again, sorry if I’m not making sense or haven’t provided all the information needed to provide assistance. I do have my own equipment that is supposed to support NAT loopback but before I go and change anything I would like to definitively figure out what the issue is. Thanks in advance!

edit: I forgot to mention that notifications and alerts from home assistant still get sent to my phone while i’m on the network. like if the garage door opens or something else is triggers.

Have you tried connecting via http://youlocalserveripaddress:8123? Should still be able to get to that even is you use duckdns solution.

yes i tried that. doesn’t work either while i’m on my home network.