Unable to pair zigbee Konke PIR

Just received this Konke PIR for testing based on a recommendation here. I am using ZHA as well as a Sonoff coordinator.
My configuration.yaml contains this:

channel: 25 # What channel the radio should try to use.
channels: [15, 20, 25] # Channel mask

When attempting to pair this device, I get zero response
To go into pairing mode, when pushing the pairing button, there are 10 single flashes before a rapid flashing which I assume is the Konke going into pairing mode.

Anybody ?

I tried switching to channel 15 on the zigbee configuration and re-booted the host computer but there was no change. I was expecting the other zigbee devices to drop off the grid as they were all paired under channel 25 but to my surprise they kept working just fine. It makes me wonder if channels were actually changed.
Is there any way of verifying what zigbee channel is being used ?

Turns out that for reasons unknown, my zigbee coordinator was on channel 11 and of course the Konke only works on 15/20/25. Once the proper zigbee channel was set up, it paired immediately.

Oh, and should somebody else wonder about setting zigbee channels, it’s a long and arduous process that is a major pain in the butt. The setup in configuration.yaml apparently only works when you set up a new coordinator and is completely ignored after that.