Unable to probe USB SkyConnect on Ubuntu

Very very new user here.

I’ve got an up to date Ubuntu box and the Ubuntu distro of HASS.

I’m seeing the same problem reported by many people here–unable to probe usb when attempting to initially configure Zigbee Home Assistant.

The initial setup dialog seems to see the Skyconnect, but if I select it, it still fails to communicate.

I’ve tried various linux command line options to find the correct address, and have not succeeded. dmesg doesn’t work, and on Ubuntu there’s no /dev/serial/ so can’t look there.

I’ve also seen plenty of people recommending going to the SkyConnect Configure option under Integrations to enable thread, but that option for me only takes me to Documentation, which I have already scoured.

My zigbee attempt is dead in the water, and after a great deal of duckduckgoing and mostly finding fixes for docker or Rpi installs, I’ve run out of ideas on how to search further. Help?

Turns out this is what was missing: https://snapcraft.io/home-assistant-toolbox

Sure would have been great if the Core install referenced this need.

The snap HA installation is not an official supported installation.

Thank goodness it works just fine then!