Unable to properly install Home Assistant on Pi 3+

Hi there
After a long time away from Hass.io I discovered the new features so I decided to reinstall from scratch Mi uSD (noting relevant inside) and downloaded the image for my Pi 3+.
I experienced problems with Etcher unable to flash the SD. Actually it made my SD useless and I had to recover with DISKPART on windows.

Anyway, after several intents I decide to leave Etcher for Win32 disk-imager and I successfully flash the SD.

When I insert the card in the Pi I notice it wasn’t on the Lan so I connected a monitor to figure out and I discovered the bootstrap is stucked on

47.704248] udevd [182]: starting eudev-3.2.9

Can someone help me to understand what’s going on and what I have to do? I already flashed on two different USD with the same result.

Many thanks for the help.