Unable to properly restart HA + ble instability


My instance of Home Assistant has been working flawlessly until recently.

Now 2 issues presented themselves:

  1. I’m unable to restart HA from “Developer tools” → “Restart Home Assistant”. Frontend shuts down and does not start back. The only way to get HA running again is by restarting the whole VM.
  2. BLE integration works for some time after restart and then crashes. From restart if works from 10 minues to couple of hours - I get the sensor updated and everything’s fine, but then it stucks. I can see following in the log:
2023-11-03 17:13:37.320 ERROR (Thread-3) [custom_components.ble_monitor] HCIdump thread: Something wrong - interface hci0 not ready, and will be skipped for current scan period.
2023-11-03 17:13:37.321 ERROR (Thread-3) [custom_components.ble_monitor] HCIdump thread: Trying to power cycle Bluetooth adapter hci0 00:22:EC:06:5E:A2, will try to use it next scan period.

Not sure if these two issues are related to each other.

Would appreciate any advice.

Everything is updated to the latest available versions.
HA runs in a VM on QNAP NAS. USB devices are passed through.
The Bluetooth dongle I use is StarTech USBBT1EDR4 (CSR8510A10) from the " KNOWN WORKING HIGH-PERFORMANCE ADAPTERS" section in Bluetooth - Home Assistant