Unable to reach server when internet is down even on localhost (using HTTPS)

Using Hassio in docker on RPI4. Today internet crashed. I am using https trough duckdns and let’s encrypt plugin.

In the past I was able to reach the server by put the localip:8123, localhost:8123 into address line of the browser. It warned me for unsecured connection. I just click to go forward.

Today, I am getting “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” even I am trying to reach the address from a PI. Maybe I did not setup something. Can somebody help me please? I really want to avoid this situation.

Oh my god. My bad! I did not put https in front of IP!

Anyway, can I set the certificate somehow even for the local network please?

use the nginx addon and make a proxy for local use. When inside your house you use your ip/8123 when outside you use your ddns url.

Is this possible to use also for an android app? I will look for a guide and make it. Thanks!

I don’t know. It’s possible for the iOS app.