Unable to reach the Home Assistant cloud - all of a sudden

All of a sudden and out of no where I am unable to control my devices from my Echos.

In my dashboard under Home Assistant Cloud, when I click sign-in I get ‘Unable to reach the Home Assistant cloud.’. I have Disabled and re-enabled the Home Assistant skill but it has made no difference.

I have no idea what else I could check.

Any ideas, guys?

Check your logs.

I have the same problem and here the log on message
Log Details (ERROR)
Tue May 15 2018 22:21:47 GMT+0800 (AWST)

Error fetching Cognito keyset: Cannot connect to host cognito-idp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com:443 ssl:True [Try again]

This just happened to me…cannot log in, alexa does not control anything. When I log in it says unable to reach the home assistant cloud. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the same issue that started a few days ago. I can’t find the answer to the problem anywhere. Seems like HA Cloud is down.

Any update? Same Problem here.

Same problem right now. Any fix?

It’s up and running. If you’re having issues the best thing to do is to pop over to the Discord server and post details of your problem in the #cloud channel.

The cloud service said they rebooted their server and everyone should have reconnected automagically. I had to log out and log back in again. This happened on 11/20 at around 5PM