Unable To Reinstall Smartthings Component Integration With Hass.IO

Looking for some direction on how to resolve the issue I’m having with the Smartthings Component.
A bit of background. I had successfully integrated the Smartthings component and all was working well. I removed the Smartthings component to perform some testing in my system. After completing the testing I went to reinstall the Smartthings component and now am unable to successfully complete the installation. And unfortunately I didn’t take a snapshot of the working configuration before I remove the Smartthings component. Ugh!!

Raspberry Pi 3B+
Hass.io v0.90.1
Smartthings Classic Android App V2.17.0 Build 448328

1.) From Home Assistant HASS.IO > Configuration > Integration > Smartthings > Enter Personal
Access Token
2.) Generate a new token from the Smartthings
3.) Enter new token into the Home Assistant dialog box and select > Submit
4.) New Dialog Box opens “Install Smart App” with instructions to install the Home Assistant SmartApp
in at least one location and click submit.
5.) Open the Smartthing Classic app and perform the following > Automation > SmartApps > Add a
SmartApp > My Apps > Select the existing Home Assistant App > Configuration > Done > Allow
receive a confirmation that is was “successfully installed”
6.) Return to Home Assistant dialog box “Install Smart App” and click > Submit.
7.) New dialog box with the following message
“Please ensure you have installed and authorized Home Assistant SmartApp and try again.”

I’ve completed this sequence multiple time with the same results. I’ve attempted to locate a method to remove the Home Assistant app from the Smartthings Classic app and haven’t been successful.

Thanks in advance for any input.